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Multiple Board Games

@Cost of One

Play any time, any where, at your comfort

Ready for some fun? 

Lower rentals for DieHard Game Pass Members

Save Money

Choose to play new, exciting  board games curated to your liking, from an ever growing collection of 100+ games, for a nominal fee each month.

Discounted rental for additional games

All members receive special discount on additional games over and above the rental games limit under the plan.

Additional Discount for DieHard Game Pass Members
Lower Home Delivery Fee for DieHard Game pass Members

Reduced Delivery Fee

Pro and Ultimate Members enjoy home delivery at reduced cost of Rs 99 / Actuals (whichever is lower).

Lower Refundable Deposit

Essential, Pro and Ultimate Members are eligible to rent games at lower refundable security deposit.

Lower refundable deposit for DieHard Game Pass Members
Freebies for DieHard Game pass Members

Free Bees

Pro and Ultimate Members get 1 Surprise Free Bee each month to try in along with free rental games.

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