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Bharata 600 BC (Buy)

Bharata 600 BC (Buy)

BHARATA 600 BC is a multiplayer strategy board game set in the Indian subcontinent (Bharata) in 600 BC. This is the end of the Vedic period and the rise of the 16 Mahajanapadas (Great Kingdoms). Each player takes on the role of a Mahajanapada ruler, trying to make their kingdom the most predominant power in the ancient Bharata. Players get to decide how to lead their armies, gain and manage resources, and conquer territories to expand their kingdoms. At the same time, they have to protect their territories from rivals, natural disasters, and social events, such as riots. Players’ actions and achievements are rewarded with Victory Points that contribute to determining the game winner.


Each player (or team) begins the game with a set of resources, two armies, and a different start location. In addition, players get to create their game avatars by choosing a combination of personality traits and abilities (variable powers), which can differ or be identical to other players’. With each turn, players draw resources that are often linked to their previous decisions on resource pool management. Players may choose to convert their resources into Coins and use the Coins to increase their Army Strength or to conquer specific terrain types later in the game. Players use their two armies to move on the map, conquer territories through settlements or direct combat with other players, plan for attack or defence, gain regional resources and trade objects, and accomplish objectives. Events trigger natural disasters, diseases, or riots, which create an additional level of defence and resource planning. This is the time your ability traits become handy. They allow you to manoeuvre certain Events in your favour while at the same time, based on your play style, to make it harder on other players or the contrary, to help them out with their own Event scenarios.


In BHARATA 600 BC, players have a great level of control over their play style and outcome. They can opt-in or out of a combat strategy, an objective-based strategy, a competitive or collaborative approach. As players find themselves in a dynamic game context, they have to adapt their strategy and choices to the evolving scenarios on the board.


Additional Details


    1. Overall Condition: Excellent
    2. Box Condition: No damage/ tear/ scuffing
    3. Components: All intact
    4. Details: Game is like new, out-of-shrink with punched components.

    Refer to the image gallery above for a detailed video.




    2 - 8


    30 - 90 Min



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